Second Language Acquisition: Part of this blog and website is dedicated to my passion for Second Language Acquisition which is another way of saying “the study of foreign languages.” In both of my Masters degrees, I managed to do most of my research on how people learn languages. There is so much research out there nowadays that includes new developments such as Emotion-based learning, MRI scans of the brain when studying languages, and using immersive 3D virtual worlds as supplemental learning instruction. Some of this might be a little dry for some readers, but I will try to keep the blogs lighter while the papers I upload will represent my professional portfolio and research.

Dramas & Culture: I have to admit to being a follower of Asian Dramas since about 2010. They not only opened up an entirely new section of the globe to me, but they also ignited an intense interest in the language and cultural aspects of Asian languages. There are a lot of bloggers who review dramas, so I won’t need to be doing that. I am more interested in how to use the Internet to find authentic material in the other languages to supplement foreign language and cultural studies. Some of the drama dialogues provide alternative cultural viewpoints on life which make for interesting discussion.

Sustainable Living: When I owned my farm, I used to have a large website that documented my adventures in the plant and animal kingdom and promoted the sales of my products on the Internet. Now that I no longer have the farm or the business, I miss sharing the information about organic gardening, bee keeping, and sustainable agriculture that was a large part of my life. So, I have decided to dedicate a section of this blog and website to continued research on sustainable living and agriculture. I think it ties in with how people live and get along with each other and their relationship to this planet.

Social Media Presence: I also have Pinterest and Twitter accounts for FoggyDreamer where I post random stuff that I am interested in. I have established a Tumblr account for Foggydreamer, but I keep forgetting to use it. (Something to definitely put on my To Do List).