The Key to Liking Zeah

I was all excited when I heard that there was going to be a new continent called Zeah a while back. I have a “real life” friend who was always talking about camping the Shaman Lizardmen and such. When he actually got a dragon war hammer, I decided I needed to go over there. The first problem that I came up against was this thing called favor. My friend told me that I just needed to get favor in certain houses to kill the lizard men. I thought, no problem. But as I earned favor in one house, the favor in the other houses decreased. It was a losing proposition and my friend just shrugged and said it wasn’t hard to gain favor when you needed it.

I’m just lucky that I am a quest fiend because I balked at repeatedly gaining favor in each house every time I wanted to do an activity in a different household. Under the mini-quest tab in the OSRS game, there was a mini-quest called Architectural Alliance.

To start it, you have to speak to Hosa in the big plaza in the middle of Great Kourend. He will lock in any favor that you have already earned and you can start earning favor in each of the houses without losing favor in the others.

As you can see, you retain the 100% favor gained in the other houses as you accrue favor in the next house on your list.

One of the funniest parts of the Piscarilus House favor consisted in gathering sand worms. I swear the fellow had a few too many at the local pub before he came out to help with gathering the sand worms.

And I am one of those people who gets used to the rut and daily grind very easily and happily repeat the same activities for hours. I hung out in the infirmary and healed the wounded soldiers for 100% of my favor in the Shayzien House. Why risk battle or the unknown? Later, when I realized that my POH (player owned house) had slots for the armor of their 5 levels of military, I went back and killed off a bunch of their soldiers and got all their armor. I mean, sometimes you have to sacrifice your laziness for fashion.

For the house of Hosidius, I just pushed the plow for a couple of hours. There was no way I was going to sweat tears figuring out anything else. And it was pleasant watching the other peasants digging in the dirt.

I’m not going to go through the whole mini-quest for you because there are lots of quest guides that do that. I just wanted to share some of my favorite parts with other players of #Runescape.

All I can say is, read all the books in the library because one of them is necessary for casting the spells in the Kourend spellbook.


Mutiny in the Ranks

I read about Eve Online’s incredible 18 month plot to take over and assassinate one of the wealthiest players in the game, but my simple little clan in #Runescape was so unworthy of highjacking.

Of course, it was my General that I had found on the forums. He offered to set up the Discord server and I trusted him. He lead the mutiny. Since he set up the server, he had complete ownership and rights to kick/ban whoever he wanted, including me. He deleted all the chat history while no one else was online and then he created a story about me wanting to take over my own clan. That is a bit illogical.

So, anyways, this is SamTheTurtle, the General contacting one of the clan members about who they are going to choose to stay with, him or the clan leader he banned from the clan.

As SamTheTurtle admits, none of the harassment or stalking that he did in private chat was ever done in public. He assumes that I was private messaging people? Nope, I’m too lazy, and had everything in the General Chat channel which he deleted while no one was online. Apparently, he is projecting, and he was messaging people in private about taking over. I can’t take over my own clan that I already own. The thing that I find interesting is that I was supposedly according to him planning for quite some time to take over my own clan? I mean the clan was only 18 days old and it was, after all, my own clan, consisting of my friends list. So, this I find confusing.

But this is a good point. SamTheTurtle admits to deleting all the General Chat records that would prove what I am saying. So, now he is free to invent his version. The fun part is that as a clan leader, I started making decisions. OMG, I started making decisions and giving mod status to some people I had known for years. If I had followed this rule of only trusting people that I had known for years, SamTheTurtle, who I found on the forums on April 18th, and had only known for 18 days, would never have been made a General or even achieved a mod status. Due to my breaking my own rules of appointing unknown players, like SamTheTurtle, to rank, I had a mutiny on my hands.

Actually, according to my spreadsheet, this player that SamTheTurtle is pm-ing, had only been in the clan for 5 days of the 18 days. So, this is an overstatement and he was not being screwed. Ranks are determined by various means in different clans. If one researches the Runescape forums, one can see that different clans use different systems for ranking. Some clans are even advertising for Administrators who are willing to be moderators etc., and who will be completely new members of the clan, but willing to take on the duties included in moderating a clan. A clan leader has the right to appoint mods as s(he) wishes. Or should I not have appointed the unknown SamTheTurtle as a mod/General?

Well, apparently, my General has to beg for members to follow him after he unethically kicked out his own clan leader and more than 20 of her friends, lol. Needless to say, we have continued on our merry way since they were all in my friend’s chat to begin with.

As the Chinese say, these opportunities help you see who are your friends and who aren’t your friends.

As an advertisement for #Discord, let me say that it is a wonderful app and I encourage everyone to try it out. Do be careful of who actually sets up the server because they are the owner and they can kick/ban whoever they want. It is a very versatile tool in running your clan/guild/tribe/groupies.

Also, I would mention that the ethical thing would have been for the disgruntled power-hungry General to leave the clan and start his own clan with his friends, instead of creating a messy drama inside the clan. Now, if I had thought about it, I would have searched the #RunescapeForums and found that SamTheTurtle had applied to over 15 different clans for membership in the last 2 months and had been rejected. He stated on each of his applications that he had left the clans, which were too many to list, because of toxic clan leaders or toxic clan members. This is public information. I really don’t believe that there are that many clan leaders and member who are toxic. The members would have been expelled for toxicity and the leaders would have lost their followers. These kinds of things point towards projection on the part of a toxic person as possibility.





Rumblings in the Ranks

The first problem arose when he wanted to start kicking people from my friends list who supposedly had attitude problems and were “not following rules.” Lucky for me, my banned friend has a lot of previous guild leadership experience from WOW and took screen shots of the entire conversation.

My General, “SamTheTurtle” wanted to know why my clan member (whose name I have blacked out for privacy reasons) was not in clan chat (cc). My clan rules are simple, no rules except for follow Jagex Runescape’s rules.

I was not in the clan chat at that moment either, because I was concentrating on a difficult task and didn’t want to be distracted by random conversations.

As my General, SamTheTurtle, explains, he is private messaging my clan member for an explanation about why he is playing Runescape, but not in the clan chat.

I also blocked out my in-game name because as a clan leader, I don’t want my clan members to be harassed over this. As you can see, my clan member quotes the rules to the General: we can come and go as we please because in real life, we have more important obligations and sometimes the game calls for more concentration.

Actually, it is not stated anywhere in our rules that a member must be in clan chat except when in bossing. However, my rules do state that I don’t particularly like pk-ers and that I would prefer if they were not in my clan. I also do not allow multi-clanning. However, my General was breaking both of those rules right from the start and I only discovered that by accident when reading some of his clan chat conversations when he thought I wasn’t there.

My clan member was correct in advising me that my General and I needed to discuss and agree on goals for the clan because obviously, my General did not agree with my stated rules and goals in the information section of our Discord server. At this point, my General banned my friend and kicked him off the Discord server.

The next day, when I signed into the Discord server, I had a discussion with my General who told me that he had banned the member for a seriously bad attitude and rude behavior. I read through the moderator chat that he had with the clan moderator member 338 and saw that the General had whipped himself into a frenzy over it while 338 was trying to calm him down. 338 asked him to wait for 2 or 3 days for the dust to settle and then talk it over again. The General banned the other member in the next few minutes.

A few hours later, my banned Runescape member signed into the game and asked if we could chat. Please remember that this was someone from my friends list who I had been talking to for a while. He uploaded the screen shots of the conversation that you see above and told me his side of the story. I promptly unbanned my member, put him back into the server and told my General that he needed to discuss any future banning with me before he acted on his own. He was allowed to mute someone, but not ban them.

Then my General and I sat down on Discord and had a long discussion about the rankings and rules and I took screen shots of the discussion. I summarized what we had discussed into a word document and posted it in Google docs and uploaded it to Discord for future reference.


Suggestion for a New Slayer Task

Slayer is my lowest skill and least favorite. Some of my friends and clan members have noted that it’s odd for someone with maxed combat to have such low Slayer skills. Guess I am that celebrated outlier that always throws off the statistical curve.

Today, as I fletched my little heart away (a rather nice way to avoid Slayer and it sounds so convincing since I am nearing 99) I realized that my computer set-up needs improving. I sit cross-legged on pillows and my feet keep falling asleep. I decided to rearrange my room and pull in the preacher’s bench from the other area, and put the two computers on little tables in front of the bench. Had to move a bunch of stuff and guess what I found darting around?….. Dust Bunnies.

This should be a common Slayer task for those who enjoy chasing down various sizes of oddly shaped Dust that grow larger as you chase them. When you hit them, they sneakily reduce their size to escape and scatter in random directions like those pesky unicorns. I don’t know what the drop tables should be like, but there should be a Slayer bag that is cheap provided by the Slayer Masters. Once defeated, those little Bunnies can escape if not put into the special Dust Bunny Bag. Maybe spraying them with water would help slow them down.

I’m not sure, but I think I see another Dust Bunny peeking out from under the bed.


Clan Organization

After having the clan for a week, I realized that even the smallest of clans needs to have some basic rules written down and some basic organization. I googled information on how to set up clans and organize them. There doesn’t seem to be much out there, but I scavenged what I could and started editing and adjusting it to our needs. Some of them were incredibly wordy and long. I like things to be short and sweet and to the point.

Clan chat rules, which seem so self-explanatory to me, apparently need to be written down according to these googled guides. Right now, I am trying to remember ranks and the order of Lieutenants, Corporals and Sergeants. I understand Recruit and General, the rest I will have to memorize. I guess I will have to keep a list of the ranks by my side, because I never got the order straight in real life, and now I have to be ready to talk knowledgeably about them, lol. Thank goodness for googled information and cheat sheets.

Since we are a Global clan, we cover all different time zones from around the world. I think it makes for a more interesting mix of personalities and playing styles. In addition, there should always be someone online playing.

One thing that was interesting was the part about inactive clan members. I had never thought about that, so this googled information has been pointing out some things that should be thought about before it actually happens. I guess a spreadsheet should be made?


I Actually Started a Clan

Well, it’s been one week now since I started my own clan! After playing solo for about four years, I decided it was time to gather my like-minded friends and fellow players into one place so that I could socialize more easily. The idea came from looking on the forums for a clan to join in OldSchool. The forum was long and there were a lot of posts for clans that were either high level or totally into pk-ing. I noticed that there were quite a few players who were looking for clans that didn’t pk and that had similar interests to mine: skilling, questing, doing diary tasks, and pvm. (Ok, my level of pvm is moderate, but the year of 2017 is my year to improve on that).

I didn’t see any clan that I wanted to join, but I thought that maybe I could gather players like me and we could hang out in one place. So, I gathered my courage on April 18th and started contacting the players from the forum list that might be interested. I was so lucky. There were quite a few who hadn’t found clans yet and who were interested in seeing if my group would fit their interests. Then, I got brave and invited some of the people on my friends list and some of them came by to investigate and hang out. I contacted at least 12 players from the forum and most of them stopped by to check out the clan chat.

Since this is the first week, we don’t have any organization yet and everyone is pretty much just chatting and getting to know each other. I did get to visit some new players’ houses, do a quest with a new member, and go bot-hunting with another player. So, it’s been quite a busy week. Plus, I lucked out and one of my members has clan setup experience, and set up Discord within 24 hours. Needless to say, he is my right arm and General.

My fellow clan members coached me on how to kill off the demonic gorillas in Monkey Madness 2, so on Saturday, April 22nd, I girded my loins, and braved the scary bosses and after only 2 deaths, finally finished the quest and got my Quest cape back. I owe it all to the encouragement of my clan. I tell you, I would have easily procrastinated another year on completing that quest.

They also encouraged me to tackle Zulrah and came racing to watch me die four times through the telescope! Some of them have impressive kill-counts and are going to coach me through improving my Zulrah killing skills.

It’s nice to have a bunch of fellow players that can help each other out, do stuff together, and chat with.


Massacre at Falador – 10 year anniversary

Well, it is the 10 year anniversary of the Massacre at Falador on Runescape!


I started playing Runescape in 2009, so I wasn’t around when players were massacred in Fally in 2006. I found out about the Massacre on YouTube in 2009 when I was watching videos about Runescape glitches. A glitch in the Construction skill allowed players to exit a house party in the combat PvP mode and kill people in the non-Wilderness areas of the game. (Normally, you can only kill other players in the Wilderness area). Mods were warning everyone to bank their items in order to keep them safe. Bones littered the ground where unsuspecting players were killed throughout Fallador and it made for interesting video watching. You can see videos of the massacre uploaded by Jotedem and JamesJaames if you follow these links to YouTube.

In honor of the 10 year anniversary, Runescape released an Old School Tournament world — 666. Players can fight each other in Falador and an NPC Durial321 (the most infamous of the bug abusers) roams the area attacking everyone with Ice Barrage and an abyssal whip. Follow the links for a complete description of the Falador Massacre and the newly released Tournament world.

Although the glitches are interesting, exploiting them is considered illegal game play and players routinely get banned for taking advantage of them. What I truly love watching is how the players use the game mechanics to play in unconventional ways. My favorite videos are Bot Luring!