To The Moon

To The Moon is a video game for Windows OS computers and is sold for $9.99 by at


I found out about this game by accident when I was looking through YouTube videos for OST songs from the Final Fantasy X game. I had side-tracked into anime OST songs and from there I caught sight of a song called To The Moon.

The picture for the video caught my attention and I just had to listen to the music.


The song is as simplistic and haunting as the picture. If you have the time, listen to the music for the song, To The Moon here. The entire  To The Moon OST for the game is available for a listen on YouTube. The game is totally different from anything I have read about other games. Even Pew Die Pie was moved to silence at the end of the game play-through as we watched the final moments. Seriously, this plot could easily be turned into a movie and should be.