I Got Side-Tracked by Chinese Calligraphy

I meant to come right back and post the same week–I really did. But I found this really cool website that shows you how to write Chinese characters with animation. Of course, I read the rules first and watch the tutorial that they have about correct stroke order. It’s pretty logical.

->Learn to Write Chinese Characters

At work, I have the website drawing Chinese letters in a corner of my computer screen. I like to guess which strokes will be written first and see if I am correct.

They have grouped the Chinese characters by frequency of use. When you click on the character, it takes you to a page for that character and shows you how to draw it.

->Learn to Read and Write Traditional Characters

I like how they give the meanings for the different tones, the pinyin writing, and both the traditional with the alternative simplified characters. Plus, they give you two character words with the option of looking at more examples for the brave or more advanced student.

All in all, so far this is my favorite site for learning the characters. I have to admit that I started learning the radicals first from a different site called HackingChinese.


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