Massacre at Falador – 10 year anniversary

Well, it is the 10 year anniversary of the Massacre at Falador on Runescape!


I started playing Runescape in 2009, so I wasn’t around when players were massacred in Fally in 2006. I found out about the Massacre on YouTube in 2009 when I was watching videos about Runescape glitches. A glitch in the Construction skill allowed players to exit a house party in the combat PvP mode and kill people in the non-Wilderness areas of the game. (Normally, you can only kill other players in the Wilderness area). Mods were warning everyone to bank their items in order to keep them safe. Bones littered the ground where unsuspecting players were killed throughout Fallador and it made for interesting video watching. You can see videos of the massacre uploaded by Jotedem and JamesJaames if you follow these links to YouTube.

In honor of the 10 year anniversary, Runescape released an Old School Tournament world — 666. Players can fight each other in Falador and an NPC Durial321 (the most infamous of the bug abusers) roams the area attacking everyone with Ice Barrage and an abyssal whip. Follow the links for a complete description of the Falador Massacre and the newly released Tournament world.

Although the glitches are interesting, exploiting them is considered illegal game play and players routinely get banned for taking advantage of them. What I truly love watching is how the players use the game mechanics to play in unconventional ways. My favorite videos are Bot Luring!



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