I Actually Started a Clan

Well, it’s been one week now since I started my own clan! After playing solo for about four years, I decided it was time to gather my like-minded friends and fellow players into one place so that I could socialize more easily. The idea came from looking on the forums for a clan to join in OldSchool. The forum was long and there were a lot of posts for clans that were either high level or totally into pk-ing. I noticed that there were quite a few players who were looking for clans that didn’t pk and that had similar interests to mine: skilling, questing, doing diary tasks, and pvm. (Ok, my level of pvm is moderate, but the year of 2017 is my year to improve on that).

I didn’t see any clan that I wanted to join, but I thought that maybe I could gather players like me and we could hang out in one place. So, I gathered my courage on April 18th and started contacting the players from the forum list that might be interested. I was so lucky. There were quite a few who hadn’t found clans yet and who were interested in seeing if my group would fit their interests. Then, I got brave and invited some of the people on my friends list and some of them came by to investigate and hang out. I contacted at least 12 players from the forum and most of them stopped by to check out the clan chat.

Since this is the first week, we don’t have any organization yet and everyone is pretty much just chatting and getting to know each other. I did get to visit some new players’ houses, do a quest with a new member, and go bot-hunting with another player. So, it’s been quite a busy week. Plus, I lucked out and one of my members has clan setup experience, and set up Discord within 24 hours. Needless to say, he is my right arm and General.

My fellow clan members coached me on how to kill off the demonic gorillas in Monkey Madness 2, so on Saturday, April 22nd, I girded my loins, and braved the scary bosses and after only 2 deaths, finally finished the quest and got my Quest cape back. I owe it all to the encouragement of my clan. I tell you, I would have easily procrastinated another year on completing that quest.

They also encouraged me to tackle Zulrah and came racing to watch me die four times through the telescope! Some of them have impressive kill-counts and are going to coach me through improving my Zulrah killing skills.

It’s nice to have a bunch of fellow players that can help each other out, do stuff together, and chat with.


Author: foggydreamer

Foggy indulges her life-long passion for languages while working and having fun. Runescape has provided an immersive world for exploring personal and professional activities.

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