Clan Organization

After having the clan for a week, I realized that even the smallest of clans needs to have some basic rules written down and some basic organization. I googled information on how to set up clans and organize them. There doesn’t seem to be much out there, but I scavenged what I could and started editing and adjusting it to our needs. Some of them were incredibly wordy and long. I like things to be short and sweet and to the point.

Clan chat rules, which seem so self-explanatory to me, apparently need to be written down according to these googled guides. Right now, I am trying to remember ranks and the order of Lieutenants, Corporals and Sergeants. I understand Recruit and General, the rest I will have to memorize. I guess I will have to keep a list of the ranks by my side, because I never got the order straight in real life, and now I have to be ready to talk knowledgeably about them, lol. Thank goodness for googled information and cheat sheets.

Since we are a Global clan, we cover all different time zones from around the world. I think it makes for a more interesting mix of personalities and playing styles. In addition, there should always be someone online playing.

One thing that was interesting was the part about inactive clan members. I had never thought about that, so this googled information has been pointing out some things that should be thought about before it actually happens. I guess a spreadsheet should be made?


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