Suggestion for a New Slayer Task

Slayer is my lowest skill and least favorite. Some of my friends and clan members have noted that it’s odd for someone with maxed combat to have such low Slayer skills. Guess I am that celebrated outlier that always throws off the statistical curve.

Today, as I fletched my little heart away (a rather nice way to avoid Slayer and it sounds so convincing since I am nearing 99) I realized that my computer set-up needs improving. I sit cross-legged on pillows and my feet keep falling asleep. I decided to rearrange my room and pull in the preacher’s bench from the other area, and put the two computers on little tables in front of the bench. Had to move a bunch of stuff and guess what I found darting around?….. Dust Bunnies.

This should be a common Slayer task for those who enjoy chasing down various sizes of oddly shaped Dust that grow larger as you chase them. When you hit them, they sneakily reduce their size to escape and scatter in random directions like those pesky unicorns. I don’t know what the drop tables should be like, but there should be a Slayer bag that is cheap provided by the Slayer Masters. Once defeated, those little Bunnies can escape if not put into the special Dust Bunny Bag. Maybe spraying them with water would help slow them down.

I’m not sure, but I think I see another Dust Bunny peeking out from under the bed.


Author: foggydreamer

Foggy indulges her life-long passion for languages while working and having fun. Runescape has provided an immersive world for exploring personal and professional activities.

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