Rumblings in the Ranks

The first problem arose when he wanted to start kicking people from my friends list who supposedly had attitude problems and were “not following rules.” Lucky for me, my banned friend has a lot of previous guild leadership experience from WOW and took screen shots of the entire conversation.

My General, “SamTheTurtle” wanted to know why my clan member (whose name I have blacked out for privacy reasons) was not in clan chat (cc). My clan rules are simple, no rules except for follow Jagex Runescape’s rules.

I was not in the clan chat at that moment either, because I was concentrating on a difficult task and didn’t want to be distracted by random conversations.

As my General, SamTheTurtle, explains, he is private messaging my clan member for an explanation about why he is playing Runescape, but not in the clan chat.

I also blocked out my in-game name because as a clan leader, I don’t want my clan members to be harassed over this. As you can see, my clan member quotes the rules to the General: we can come and go as we please because in real life, we have more important obligations and sometimes the game calls for more concentration.

Actually, it is not stated anywhere in our rules that a member must be in clan chat except when in bossing. However, my rules do state that I don’t particularly like pk-ers and that I would prefer if they were not in my clan. I also do not allow multi-clanning. However, my General was breaking both of those rules right from the start and I only discovered that by accident when reading some of his clan chat conversations when he thought I wasn’t there.

My clan member was correct in advising me that my General and I needed to discuss and agree on goals for the clan because obviously, my General did not agree with my stated rules and goals in the information section of our Discord server. At this point, my General banned my friend and kicked him off the Discord server.

The next day, when I signed into the Discord server, I had a discussion with my General who told me that he had banned the member for a seriously bad attitude and rude behavior. I read through the moderator chat that he had with the clan moderator member 338 and saw that the General had whipped himself into a frenzy over it while 338 was trying to calm him down. 338 asked him to wait for 2 or 3 days for the dust to settle and then talk it over again. The General banned the other member in the next few minutes.

A few hours later, my banned Runescape member signed into the game and asked if we could chat. Please remember that this was someone from my friends list who I had been talking to for a while. He uploaded the screen shots of the conversation that you see above and told me his side of the story. I promptly unbanned my member, put him back into the server and told my General that he needed to discuss any future banning with me before he acted on his own. He was allowed to mute someone, but not ban them.

Then my General and I sat down on Discord and had a long discussion about the rankings and rules and I took screen shots of the discussion. I summarized what we had discussed into a word document and posted it in Google docs and uploaded it to Discord for future reference.


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