New XR iPhone and iTunes

So, I’m all happy, have a new yellow XR iPhone and I set it up. Next step? Of course, sync up the iTunes so I can listen to my favorite songs while I work or drive.

The first weekend, iTunes just won’t recognize my new iPhone and I thought it was something I was doing wrong. Since, I still have my 5C phone, I just used it like an iPod for a week until I the next weekend when I would have more time to Google how to deal with it. During the week, my MacBook laptop received an auto update and I was all happy because obviously, Apple sent through a patch to fix the XR phone problem.

The next weekend arrives, I plugged in my iPhone and iTunes gives me the message that iTunes is currently updating. Wait…. updating fordays? I spent more than 1/2 of my precious Saturday googling how to get iTunes to finish updating and recognize my new iPhone. Answers ran the gamut from rebooting, uninstalling iTunes and reinstalling, to going into the depths of my MacBook through Safe Mode to rewrite and adjust some kind of hidden files. I started to do that and spent a long time writing down the instructions longhand because, you know, once you are in Safe Mode messing with hidden files, I don’ think you can access the Internet to reread those tediously long instructions. I started to go to Safe Mode, had trouble getting there, and chickened out. I decided to wait until thenextweekend, yet again.

The third weekend of no iTunes on my new XR iPhone rolls around and by this time I had Googled a million times how to fix this problem. I was seriously frustrated and irritated that Apple didn’t have a fix already installed on my laptop. And iTunes wasstill updating. I was worried about my 3500+ songs that were carefully sorted by language, country, and drama in the iTunes metadata, so I backed up my iTunes library to an external hard drive, hoping that the metadata would travel along with the songs. The last time the MacBook updated iTunes a couple of years ago, it wiped out my iTunes library (and it happened to a gazillon other people because Google new exactly what I was looking for when I searched for a solution and the forums were packed with complaints). If I hadn’t had it backed up to an external hard drive, I would have lost my songs. As it was, I did lose the iTunes playlists which sorted them into languages, dramas, and countries. After that, I used the description field to add metadata to sort and used that field to create the playlists. It took a long time to do this by hand and I dreaded having to do it again as I’m still not quite finished.

So, back to my XR iPhone. No one has the answer on the web. A YouTube person has a video suggesting the obvious solutions, but seriously, this is way beyond rebooting the laptop, as he suggested.

By the third Sunday, I was so frustrated, I decided to just download and reinstall the iTunes app, like I do with my other phone apps when they go nuts. The worst that could happen is that I lose my library which was backed up anyways. When downloading phone apps that you already have, they usually give you the option to overwrite, so I figured that would happen since I could NOT delete iTunes, which was one of the main solutions from the YouTube video person. “iTunes is essential to the operation of the MacBook operating system” is a message that kept popping up every time I tried to do that.

So, I went to the Apple website, and started the free download. No warnings came up, no options to overwrite, nothing. It’s a tiny file, and in a few minutes it was done.

I am happy to report that I opened up iTunes, my songs and playlists and metadata were all there, and it talked to my new XR iPhone just fine. I synced up my songs and Monday morning I was listening to songs as I drove to work. So, nothing fancy, no coding necessary, no money involved.

Solution: Download the iTune app again, straight from the Apple website and move on.


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