About Me…

When I play: I am an avid player on Runescape, an immersive virtual MMORPG. I was a member of a Spanish speaking clan for three years, and a member of a Portuguese clan for two years. After EOC came out, I moved to OldSchool (OSRS) and basically played solo for four years. I am also interested in a Chinese game called “A Chinese Ghost Story” that I learned about in the Chinese Drama “Love 020.” I am working on Chinese so that I can play that game.

Academically Speaking: The main focus throughout my academic career has been Second Language Acquisition. My search for a field that would compliment and benefit from my language skills included business, political science, library work, computer science, nursing and teaching. I have formally studied French, Spanish, German, Italian, and Portuguese. Outside of the classroom, I have pursued language studies in Korean, Chinese, and some Arabic using computer skills and self-directed study. I participate in online forums with other multilingual users to broaden my understanding of how and why people of all ages across the globe acquire additional languages. I use my computer skills and knowledge of immersive virtual worlds to plan new ways to learn and teach languages. I currently hold a B.A. in Spanish, B.S. in Business Administration, a Masters in Library and Information Science, and a Masters in the Art of Teaching, Secondary Spanish. I am TESOL certified and have completed 27 graduate credits in Spanish Literature.

Professionally Speaking: I have taught English and Spanish in private organizations in Spain, Ecuador, and the United States. Throughout my academic studies, I was a French and Spanish Tutor for the Foreign Language Departments in several universities that I attended. I worked for a total of 7 1/2 years in a law and college library. I was also an Adjunct Professor and a Tutor in three departments at a community college. I taught piano privately for several years. In short, I enjoy teaching and working in education. I currently volunteer for Americorps VISTA as an Educational Advocate and do translation work for their Community Health Resource Center.

Volunteering: In addition to my academic work, I have volunteered as a certified Journeyman Bee Keeper and a Master Gardener in community projects. I participated in the Seed Savers project for nine years and I am interested in agriculture, biodiversity and sustainability, and ancient history/meteorology/climatology. I volunteered at the Hagood Mill Historical Center in Pickens, SC for 8 years. I also volunteered at the Oconee Memorial Center Health Information Research Center for 3 years.